Thanks for checking out my site, I like to keep these things updated frequently to share whats been going on at the shop or my studio at home; so check back often. This is the brand new version of my site, and I may put a more formal bio up at one point, but for now here's a few things that I can answer to make it easier for you to get tattooed by me:

I work mostly by appointment, and they typically take a half or whole day; but if someone walks in when I am free or I had a cancellation, I'll do that too.

The wait for custom work is typically 4-8 weeks. Custom work requires an in person consultation and a small deposit (non-refundable). It helps to call first to make sure I'll have time to talk or I can take a break from tattooing, and you can also bring any reference or ideas with you. Print outs or books work a lot better than something on your phone. I like to work in a lot of styles, and I'm not too fixated on any one particular thing.
Japanese influenced, Biomech, Birds, Flowers, Ornamental, Traditional American, and Art Nouveau are all things I constantly try to get better at, and spend a lot of time doing.

Because I stay busy with custom work, this requires a lot of prep work at home, so I try to be selective about what kind of work I do. If I think it is going to be a fun tattoo, that fits and reads right on the body, is going to age properly and stay readable, then I'm all for it. If its subject matter I'm not really into, or someone else may be better suited to, something that's not going to age well, or involves taking ten random ideas and stuffing them into an area that can only fit three, then I might not be your guy.

I am not interested in finishing other tattooer's work and cover ups. I am looking to start off new, fresh tattoos, not fix someone else's mess. I can refer you to someone else, but I've paid my debt in this category at this point.

I do like work based on other fine artists, but I may be re-drawing it to make it more tattooable. If it's something that your friend drew that you want me to copy line for line, then that's probably not going to happen.  Please contact another tattooer if this is part of your tattooing plans. 

All of these points are just to ensure everyone is happy in the end, I try to do the best job possible, big or small.

Eric Gregory